For Presenters

Poster requirements:

-Posters (with the title banner included) should not exceed 4 feet wide by 4 feet high

-Each poster must have a top label indicating the title of the paper, the names of the authors and their affiliations

-Posters should be targeted to a general scientific audience

-Push pins will be provided for you to affix your poster to the display board.

-You may hand out information sheets to those viewing your poster.

-Poster material must be prepared in advance and should be large enough to be viewed from a distance of approximately 3′ (1 m) or more

-Keep illustrative material simple. Charts, drawings and illustrations may be similar to those used in making slides – preferably with bolder, heavier figures. These materials should be mounted on fairly stiff paper – but NOT heavy cardboard.

-Do not fold posters; roll and carry them in an appropriate container.

-Meeting staff will be present to assist you during the poster set up times

Platform talk requirements:

-Oral presentations are allotted 10 minutes for delivery and 5 minutes for a question period

-The presentation must be on your own research and must reflect the submitted abstract

-Please ensure you give credit where credit is due by identifying which parts of the project were previously completed by other individuals

-The Background, Hypothesis/Problem Identification, Methods, Results and Conclusion should be emphasized

-We strongly recommend you tailor your presentation so that it is delivered in language that is easily understood by an audience composed of general neuroscience researchers, not just for those within your area of expertise

Art submission requirements:

  1. 2-Dimensional Art: static, attachable to poster board (max. 60 x 60cm)
  2. Electronic Art: static image or video clip (max. 15 sec), presented on loop, able to be embedded in PowerPoint
  3. 3-D Art: a piece that can be safely placed on a flat table surface and presenter needs to ensure art does not contain any contaminants, hazards, and will not spill on or damage table surface (max. 30 x 30 x 30cm)
  • We will print Art Abstracts and provide printout to participants to present with their Art
  • If choosing to display electronic or 3-D Art, participants are encouraged to also print and bring a static image of their project to place with abstract description during NRD