Cajal Creative Contest: Neuroscience Art Exhibit

The goal of this event is to highlight the artistic aspects of neuroscience; this will help make research from neuroscience labs more tangible and allow scientists to evaluate their own work from a different perspective. Faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students from any department may submit neuroscience themed art produced inside or outside the lab.

You are encouraged to present work, even if not interested in competing!

Submission options – (3 options):

  1. 2-Dimensional Art: static, attachable to poster board (max. 60 x 60cm)
  2. Electronic Art: static image or video clip (max. 15 sec), presented on loop, able to be embedded in PowerPoint
  3. 3-D Art: a piece that can be safely placed on a flat table surface and presenter needs to ensure art does not contain any contaminants, hazards, and will not spill on or damage table surface (max. 30 x 30 x 30cm)
  • We will print Art Abstracts and provide printout to participants to present with their Art
  • If choosing to display electronic or 3-D Art, participants are encouraged to also print and bring a static image of their project to place with abstract description during NRD
  • There will be 1 Cajal Art $cash$ prize award based on people’s choice (no formal judging)