Neuroscience Research Day 2019 – Archive

Western University’s 1st Neuroscience Research Day (NRD) May 9-10, 2019

All students, faculty and staff are invited to attend.


  • People’s choice awards based on the question “who would you fund/invest in?”

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Final Conference Program (UWO username and password required)

Schedule and Event Details

For Presenters

Cajal Creative Contest: Neuroscience Art Exhibit



Why another research day?

Neuroscience is a research strength and priority at Western. Surprisingly, and despite the large number of world-renowned programs studying brain function, we lack a singular event that brings the community together. The absence of an integrative event means that we as a scientific community are missing out on vital opportunities to share resources and skills, and seed new collaborations. We are also missing out on opportunities to showcase the myriad ways that training in neuroscience can lead to fulfilling careers within society. NRD is a unique by-trainees-for-trainees conference that will address these gaps.

An explicit aim is to ensure that the event is open to anyone conducting neuroscience related research on campus, and hence the intended reach of the event is also much broader than that of a traditional departmental research day.

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