Neuroscience Research Day

Western University’s 1st Neuroscience Research Day (NRD) May 9-10, 2019

Thank you to those who attended Neuroscience Research Day last week! We hope you had as great of a time as the organizing committee did. Pictures from the event can be found here, and we ask (whether or not you attended all events) that you take 2-3 min to provide anonymous feedback so we can ensure next year’s organizers create the best event possible.

We want to congratulate the following award winners:

Amy Claire Reichelt (Postdoctoral fellow, UWO) – top oral presentation ($200)

Pierre-François Meyer (PhD candidate, McGill) – top oral presentation ($200)

Sujoy Banik (LHSC) – top postdoc poster presentation ($200)

Ryan Rakoczy (Wright State University) – top PhD poster presentation ($200)

Meagan Wiederman (UWO) – top Master’s poster presentation ($200)

Jessica Lammert (UWO) – top brain art ($100)

Matthew Maksoud & Roger Hudson – collaborative award ($500)

The NRD2019 organizing committee wishes to thank all of our generous supporters, particularly BrainsCAN, and thank you to our fantastic kick-off keynote speaker Dr. Mel Goodale and our inspiring group of panelists (videos to come!).

Archived conference details and program can be found here.

Why another research day?

Neuroscience is a research strength and priority at Western. Surprisingly, and despite the large number of world-renowned programs studying brain function, we lack a singular event that brings the community together. The absence of an integrative event means that we as a scientific community are missing out on vital opportunities to share resources and skills, and seed new collaborations. We are also missing out on opportunities to showcase the myriad ways that training in neuroscience can lead to fulfilling careers within society. NRD is a unique by-trainees-for-trainees conference that will address these gaps.

An explicit aim is to ensure that the event is open to anyone conducting neuroscience related research on campus, and hence the intended reach of the event is also much broader than that of a traditional departmental research day.