SONGS Mentorship

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SONGS Mentorship is focused on integrating incoming graduate students into the
neuroscience graduate program as well as the Western and London community by pairing new
students with upper year students. We aim to foster mentor-mentee relationships that help
create a smooth, engaging, and comfortable transition into graduate life. The program was
launched in 2019 and is organized by a subcommittee under the Society of Neuroscience
Graduate Students, the Mentorship Committee.
By creating a long-term relationship between a mentor and incoming graduates, the
mentorship program hopes to:

  1. Keep incoming graduates up to date with activities in the neuroscience and
    Western University community
  2. Provide incoming graduates with tips and feedback about the neuroscience
    program or graduate life
  3. Provide mentors and mentees with opportunities to socialize and network

The structure of the program involves three main pillars:

  1. Recruitment and Matching
  2. Training (mentors only)
  3. Social and Networking Opportunities

Contact Us

SONGS Executive Liaisons: Joyla Furlano , Krystyna Wieczerzak

Committee Chair : Olivia Ghosh-Swaby

Committee Members:

Recruitment and Matching
Maggie Prenger
Oren Princz Label

Cathleen Fleury
Hannah MacNeil

Mentor Training
Omar El-Deeb
Matt Demmings

Interested in joining the Mentorship Committee?
– Applications to become the committee Chair are available in July for the upcoming school year. Chairs are voted on and selected by the committee and Executive Liaisons.
– Applications to become a committee member are available during September of each year. The incoming Chair and Executive Liaisons select committee members based on applications.

Why sign up for the program?

Mentee Benefits

  • Develop a relationship with a mentor who shares similar research and/or general interests as you
  • Get continual access to a friendly face and knowledgeable upper-year guide
  • Socialize with other mentors and mentees in the program
  • Network with like-minded researchers
  • Receive monthly emails with updates about the Neuroscience Program
  • Attend exclusive mentor-mentee events
  • Social – games night, outdoor activities, food and drink mixers
  • Networking – research opportunities

Important resources for mentees

Mentor Benefits

  • Develop a relationship with a mentee (beneficial for your CV)
  • Network and meet other like-minded mentors
  • Receive training in leadership, allyship, and mental health literacy
  • Attend exclusive mentor events and mentor-mentee events
    • Social – games night, outdoor activities, food and drink mixers
    • Networking – research opportunities

Am I eligible and what are the expectations?


You are eligible to be a mentee if:

  1. You are a new Master’s or PhD student starting at Western for the upcoming academic term (you can be starting in the fall, winter/spring, or summer term)
  2. You complete the sign-up/matching form:


  1. Be responsive to your mentor when they reach out*

*There are no specific expectations as a mentee, however, the experience you get out of the Mentorship Program depends on what you want out of it and how often you are in contact with your mentor. We encourage you to speak with your mentor about any questions or concerns, as well as what you want to gain out of this new mentee-mentor relationship!


You are eligible to be a mentor if:

  1. You are an upper year graduate student (2nd year or higher in your Master’s or PhD)
  2. You complete the matching form and attend the mandatory leadership training session


  1. Maintain contact with your mentee(s) via phone/email/social media (at least once per month)
  2. Send emails with updates about the Neuroscience Program (pre-drafted by our team and given to you) to your mentee(s)
  3. Meet with your mentee(s) at least once a month
  4. Attend training sessions on:
    1. Leadership (mandatory)
    2. Allyship
    3. Mental Health

How does the mentorship process work?

Begin by completing the matching form below to sign up as a mentee. The form is quick and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. It includes questions such as your year and level of degree, your hobbies and interests, why you would like a mentor, and what you want out of the
program including what kind of mentor relationship. Based on your form, you will be matched with a mentor who has also shared information about themselves.


Upcoming Events

  1. Neurosocials – Last Thursday of Every month
  2. Neuropicnic – Sunday, July 14th
  3. Tuesday Morning Seminars – UH Hospital
  4. Neuroscience Orientation
  5. Robarts Association of Trainees Orientation
  6. SOGS orientation
  7. SONGS Related events
    1. Buddy Night – September
    2. Neuro BBQ – October
  8. Visit for additional
    resources and events AND MORE!


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