Comprehensive Exam Info Sessions

Annual Information Session

The purpose of this yearly presentation is to provide PhD students with a better understanding of the steps and expectations of the comprehensive exams. Specifically, the information session will recap what is on the Neuroscience program website (here), and expands on what is expected based on previous student experiences. Topics such as expected timeline, preparing topic ideas, choosing an exam format, and how to prepare for an oral exam will be covered. Successful PhD candidates, the Neuroscience Program Director and Coordinator attend to help answer questions at the end of the info session. If you are thinking of doing your comprehensive exams in the coming months, in the midst of them now, or if you are a master’s student thinking of rolling over to the PhD stream and want a better idea of this additional step required for a doctoral degree, then this information is for you!

For a look at last years presentation click here.

After attending the information session, you will be provided access to sample materials by previous students!

June 26th, 2019