We are looking for self-driven and proactive people to join our executive team. If you care about neuroscience and want to make a difference you are exactly who we are looking for!



Develop leadership skills

Work with great people

Chance to make a difference

Spread the love of neuroscience around and beyond the Western Campus



The application processes will take place between June 8-26.  To apply you need to fill the application form that will be available on our website starting June 8



 Academic Coordinator

 The Academic Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the academic-focused committees (Journal Club, Presentation Workshop, Comprehensive Exam, Science Outreach & Communication). The Academic Coordinator should keep track of the progress of all of the aforementioned committees and ensure their events are successful and well thought-out.

Additionally, the Academic Coordinator will be responsible for leading the organization of other one-off events such as panel discussions (e.g Cannabis legalization panel) or workshops (e.g Science Visualization workshop).

The Academic Coordinator may also have specific roles in the organization of Neuroscience Research Day (e.g inviting speakers, organizing abstract submission and judging)

Social Coordinator

 The Social Coordinator is responsible for planning and leading social activities and events, including the Annual Orientation Buddy Night (September) and Halloween Party (October), in collaboration with the Psychology Graduate Student Association (PGSA). The Social Coordinator communicates regularly with the PGSA team to organize other collaborative events, and actively brainstorms new ways to engage Neuroscience graduate students throughout the year.

The Social Coordinator also assists the Neuroscience Program Coordinator Susan Simpson and the Neuroscience Student Representative with running the Annual Neuroscience Holiday Party (December). In addition, the Social Coordinator works alongside other SONGS Executive members to plan other major events, such as the Annual Neuroscience BBQ (July) and Neuroscience Research Day (February/March).

Finally, the Social Coordinator oversees two SONGS subcommittees: the Mentorship Committee and the ‘I Wish I Knew” Committee, providing support and direction, attending meetings, and participating in events.


 The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes at monthly SONGS Executive meetings and making them available to the rest of the executive committee via Google Drive. The Secretary is also responsible for the SONGS email account, including 1) regularly checking for incoming emails, 2) forwarding emails to appropriate parties, and 3) organizing the Inbox with labels and folders. Other email duties include drafting and sending emails via the SONGS account for general SONGS events. Committee event emails are drafted by committee chairs and forwarded to the Secretary to send out via the SONGS email account.

The SONGS Secretary is also responsible for maintaining and updating SONGS social media pages (including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). This includes:

  • Twitter: regularly posting about upcoming SONGS events, retweeting posts from other users which are relevant to the neurograd community
  • Facebook: regularly posting about upcoming SONGS events (including making “Event” pages) for upcoming events, moderating the SONGS Facebook page for inappropriate posts
  • Instagram: regularly posting about upcoming SONGS events, posting on Instagram Stories during SONGS events


Welcome to the official website for the Society of Neuroscience Graduate Students at Western University!

The Society of Neuroscience Graduate Students (SONGS) is a student-run organization that was founded in 2017. The organization is not officially affiliated with Western University, though it operates with the permission of and in coordination with faculty members within the Neuroscience graduate program of Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

SONGS is a student organization that aims:

  • To unite and foster a sense of social, academic and scientific community among graduate students from different departments enrolled in the Neuroscience Graduate Program at Western University;
  • To provide Neuroscience graduate students at Western University a recognized organization through which they may express their needs and their opinions;
  • To represent Neuroscience graduate students at all administrative and political levels at Western University;
  • To organize and support initiatives that will serve scientific, academic, and social purposes to further create and promote a well-rounded and positive graduate student experience for all SONGS members.

Click this link for our constitution and by-laws.

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